Roblox Stopped Using Tix

Hey whats up guys, I’m back with yet another post (3 posts in a 2 day period). This time around I’m going to quickly talk about a recent update that Roblox has rolled out. THis is a major update but for some reason they’re trying to downplay the importance of this update. Roblox is a game that use to have two different currencies to use. The robux was one and the tix aka tickets was another. Recently Roblox has announced that the use of tix will soon become void. They are removing the currency from the game and are only going to be using the robux from this point on. Good thing I have my personal roblox cheats, we all should know robux prices are only going up. If you still have tix, dont get me wrong they can still be spent, they arent useless just yet, but you have up until a certain deadline in order to use them before they run out. Personally, I dont like this update and I’m going to give my reasoning. If its any good, you’ll feel the same way as me.

I don’t like this new Roblox update for a handful of reasons, heres one:

  • Instead of improving their game for use gamers, the ones who are paying money for this game, they would rather use their time to first fix their revenue stream. The reason why these guys are removing the tix system is because they want us to go all in on their robux currency. For each purchase of robux, they are making a shit ton of money. But when we traded with tix as the currency, they werent making any money as tix is a free currency and was not a premium currency how the robux is.
  • Without tix, I dont have the incentive to log into Roblox everyday. Before these guys removed the tix system, I was making sure I logged into Roblox everyday, even if I had no intentions on playing that very moment. I made sure I logged in to make sure I got the daily bonus. Without the tix system though, I wont see it as a must to do this anymore.

To conclude, I dont support the removal of tix from the roblox system and I believe these guys are doing this just out of greed. I hope you feel my point of view and see where I’m coming from. I’e been on Roblox for many many years and to be honest for all you new players to Roblox, this update wasnt necessary and actually made the game a worse user experience.

I’m not the only one that feels this way, you can check out numerous posts on the roblox forum and you’ll see I’m not the only sour apple. When we were messing around and were using all those roblox hacks and robux generators, these guys were quick to patch and update that. But when theres a genuine problem within the game, these guys don’t do jack shit to shit it. When they see a chance to increase revenue they do it ASAP. Its not right, it really sucks at times to be a Roblox player.

Great New Robux Hack For You to Use

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog I’m back with yet another post that can help progress your game in Roblox. If you’re a roblox player, you know the importance of robux and I’m about to give you guys a treat that can really boost your spirits. I’m going to introduce you guys to a great new robux hack that can really get you some robux for free. If you don’t know much about Roblox, robux is te current currency for the game and its very important. Its important as robux has many uses and its capable of even making you some real money in your real life. I’ll explain more about that later on in the article.


Before I get in depth regarding the Robux hack, I must say some risks that come with using this hack. First, Roblox creators have been trying their best to crack down on user accounts that are using the robux hack. There are many robux hacks out on the market, the most popular ones are the robux generators. If you get caught, you can lose your roblox account and risk losing all of your hard work. But at the same time, by using a robux generator, it can be rather easy to get back all progress as its not hard to rank up when you have a ton of resources.

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Great Roblox Tips and Tricks

Hello guys and welcome to my blog. This is my first blog post here and I plan to update this small blog with more posts everyday. This is my personal Roblox blog and I’ve been on Roblox for quite a while. If you don’t have as much roblox experience as me, dont worry as everything I do and learn throughout my time playing this game will be documented. Seriously, if you dont have the amount of time to play Roblox that I have, you’ll still be able to pick up things from just my recap of my experiences. Roblox is a great game and I plan to have some wonderful tips and tricks here to this blog for you guys. Before I get into the technical side of things and fully explain some tips nd tricks for the game, let me tell you guys about who I am and why I got into playing Roblox.


I first started playing Roblox when I was just a new high school student. I was often bored during lunch time as I hadn’t made many friends and would often chill in the staircases or by myself in the lunchroom. During these peak hours, Roblox has been there for me and I’ve used Roblox as a way to kill time. I used to even go to the library to play Roblox when I had the chance, sucks that I hasnt had too many chances as the library for some reason was always closed. Roblox has been a game that has my attention because of the flexibility I’m provided in Roblox. Seriously, its so awesome the different things you can do while playing this game. You can create things relevant to yourself and your age group and audience. Roblox community is often made of younger players but there are players of all ages and the diversity is very cool.